Sandalman Artwork

In 2005 I was commissioned by the owner of Sandalman Leathercare in Toronto to create this illustration. As I usually work from photos, I rode my bicycle the short distance to his store. My yellow Bianchi mountain bike ended up in the photos so I drew it in the final artwork. It was stolen a few months later from my own backyard ! Anyway, Cory has been a great supporter of my art since 2005. He’s put this image on a billboard periodically as well as on Toronto Transit buses which give me a kick every time I see one.  In this time of Covid I urge us all to shop locally and support independent local businesses like You may find that like me you’ve added a pound or two recently and need a longer belt… well here’s the place to get a quality piece of leather, made to measure ! And hey, he makes custom sandals too, which you’ll need once this white stuff melts… SOON Please. Take care, be safe and stay strong. David Crighton in Muskoka.